Ten Ways to Have Whatever You Want, Providing You Go for It in a Happy Way


Likely, you will have heard of the Law of Attraction, or otherwise termed the art of manifestation. We can attain what we would like as the universe abides by certain laws. Once known, we can use these laws to our advantage. You can have what you want. The quickest route to having what you want is to practice the feeling place of what you want. As Abraham Hicks would say, we generally desire what we desire because we believe we will be happier in the having of it. The key to making the law of attraction work for you? Be happy now!

Here are ten tips for happily manifesting whatever you want in your life:

  1. The law of attraction is LAW. You WILL attract to you events, circumstances, people and things that are a vibrational match to your vibrational energies. This said, you want to find the feeling place of the things you want to attract. If its money you’d like, indulge in fantasies of having it. How does that feel? What does that look like for you? Enjoy the sensation. If fear, or lack, begins to creep in, refocus on happier feelings, even if it means focusing on something else.
  2. Keep in the energy of love. We live in a loving universe. We are blessed with a benevolent universe. The universe wants us to be happy. The universe wants us to spread more happiness and more love. The more you relish love upon yourself, the people around you, and the activities you partake in, the higher your vibrational energy. Your energy will be a match to the divine source and the bountiful life you desire.
  3. Be grateful. The universe loves gratitude. Would you like to shower someone with gifts and not receive a thank you? The more you express gratitude, the more your heart expands with gratitude and the more you receive to be grateful for. The universe wants to deliver what you want, but you must be a vibrational match to receive it. What you focus on grows. Once you start noticing all the things that you are grateful for, you will notice more things to be grateful for, and hence receive more things to be grateful for.
  4. Look to serve, not to gain. There is a flow of energy involved in giving and receiving. If you clasp tightly to the gifts you have received from the universe, you cultivate a vibration of scarcity and fear. The universe will match your vibration with more scarcity and fear. Be generous with what you have, even if it’s just a brightening smile, or a heart-felt compliment.
  5. Have fun. Life’s supposed to be fun. Have fun creating the life you’d love. Enjoy visualizing your dreams coming true. Indulge in memories that make you feel good. Play more!
  6. Detach from specifics. We often want specific things. We know the person we want to like us, or the house we’d love to buy. However, the universe knows better than us. Focus on aspects of things rather than a specific attainment. Develop trust that the universe knows exactly how to match you to the perfection of your desire, even if it looks a little different.
  7. Let go and trust. There are three stages: ask, deliver and receive. Be patient. The universe always delivers but you must be a match for the receiving of it. Often people give up just before the point of manifestation. Their lack of beliefs keeps the abundance at bay. The more we focus on �?I want that and I haven’t got it yet’, the more we create a barrier between the wanting and the receiving. It’s your vibration that’s important. An �?I want that but I haven’t got it yet’ will create a needy, desperate vibe. A vibration of eager anticipation, or a �?I’m so relaxed I’m not thinking about that at all’ vibration will allow you to experience manifestations, often at miraculous speed.
  8. Know your motivation. Generally speaking, we want things because we believe they will make us happier. Knowing your intentions for things, and having honorable intentions, will help manifest them. Once again, it’s all in your vibe. Happy vibes create happy outcomes.
  1. Be open to receive. We create resistance to receiving the things we want. By focusing on the �?non-appearance-yet’ we create resistance, by building momentum in negative directions we create resistance, by believing we are focusing on what we want whilst actually feeling afraid we will not get it, we create resistance. By having core beliefs that we are not worthy, deserving, or it is not possible, we create resistance. Keep reaching for good feeling, comforting, or soothing thoughts. Alternatively, stay off the subject altogether.
  2. The better you get, the better it gets. The more you get good at this, the more evidence you’ll see of it in your life and the more joy and excitement you’ll feel at your co-creation with the universe. If you’re not there yet, fake it �?til you make it. Be happy NOW.


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